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A woman in Florida could have escaped prosecution for the accidents she caused last week. But then her Ford vehicle called the cops on her.

Marine in Houston had found racial slurs spray-painted on his car by vandals

A repair shop in Houston has stepped up to help a disabled Marine veteran after his car was vandalized last month.

This month's giveaway is a Passport 9500 ix radar and laser detector courtesy of Escort. Not that you would ever break the law by going a few miles per hour over the speed limit, but if you did (by accident, of course), the Passport 9500 ix detector is your best bet for avoiding a ticket.

Now we're not suggesting that you're a lawbreaker, but if you're a social networker and you'd like to know where speedtraps are – for no reason at all – then Escort might be able to help. Makers of the Passport line of detectors, Escort has started a mobile app-supported network called Escort Live that features Bluetooth notifications.

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Earlier this week Ford President of the Americas confirmed in an internal webcast that the new B-Class Ford for North America and the rest of the world will be based on the new Mazda2. The next question of course is what to call the new sub-compact? Ford could spend their limited resources trying to establish another new brand name, or they could revive another classic name with some established equity. Automobile magazine thinks it will be the latter, with the return of the Escort, once the bes

As we reported a few days back, Ford has big plans for the bits and pieces that make up the Mazda 2. While the Mazda will have the requesitie joie de vivre known as "zoom zoom," Ford variants are a go, as well. Automobile posits that naming the Ford version might be a sticky wicket. We've recently seen the blue oval return to names with some history, so an all new moniker may be out from the get-go. That leaves us with some greatest hits from yesteryear. Pinto likely won't work, it's too old, an

Since it seems like most of the mainstream automotive news will be dominated with comment and analysis of Ford's WF 2.0 plan today, we thought we'd dig up something with a blue oval on it for today's RR of the Day. This car is a Brazilian 1991 Ford Escort XR3 Formula. It represents some of the Escort's higher pedigree that could be found abroad but was never delivered to the U.S. The XR3 joined the RS2000 Escort in 1991, but lacked the latter's larger 2.0-liter turbo engine in favor of a 1.8-lit