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Eric Bana offsets carbon emissions of new film, "Love the Beast"

Regardless of your view on global climate change, you must admit that the issue of carbon emissions has become a hot topic over these last few years, and automobiles have taken the brunt of the criticism. Celebrities often seem to be leading the low-emissions charge, or they at least like to appear that way by driving fuel sippers like the Toyota Prius or sometimes the fully electric Jeremy Korzeniewski

Actor Eric Bana's motorsports film going carbon-neutral

There's more than one way for Hollywood actors to go green. While most celebrities choose to go the way of Toyota Prius ownership, Eric Bana's chosen green ride is a 1973 Ford Falcon from Australia, a gas guzzler from a time that just barely predates most modern emissions equipment. That car, which is the title character in Jeremy Korzeniewski

Actor Eric Bana to compete in Bathurst 12 Hour enduro

There's a rich tradition of Hollywood actors dabbling – some more seriously or successfully than others – in motor sports. Great names like Steve McQueen and the late Paul Newman instantly come to mind, but Eric Bana is aspiring to fill their considerable racing shoes. The star of Munich and Black Hawk Down has been campaigning his Porsche 996 Cup at various events, and is now gearing up to compete at one of his native Australia's biggest motor races: the WPS Bathur

Eric Bana filming documentary about his car

Eric Bana is the man. Don't believe us? Go watch Black Hawk Down. Unbeknownst to us, Bana also happens to be one of those world famous actors who has a passion for cars and racing. The lead of such films as Hulk, Troy and Munich is working on his directorial debut that just happens to star his own personal car: an old Australian-market Ford XB GT coupe. The film is a documentary called Love the