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EPA postpones decision on E15 ethanol blend again, more testing needed

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets rules about the amount of ethanol found in gasoline that flows from the nation's pump. The current standard for blending ethanol with gasoline stands at ten percent (E10). With farmers holding pitchforks in the air in anger because they want to put more corn into cars, the Eric Loveday

Report: Test shows raising ethanol blend to E15 could damage engines

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be faced with a decision on the future of ethanol soon and no matter what choice is made, it won't be a popular one. Ethanol producers are pushing the EPA to raise the blend level in gasoline to 15 percent (E15), but automakers and oil companies are pushing back with hopes of keeping the current 10 percent level (E10).

USDA predicts ethanol blend wall is near, future of industry hinges on EPA's E15 decision

Ethanol has been blended with gasoline for years now in a fuel typically called E10 (which is made with 10 percent ethanol). E15 could soon become the new norm if, as industry experts predict, the U.S. reaches the "blend wall" and changes come soon.

EPA posts E85 mileage numbers next to gas for flex-fuel vehicles

Recently the official EPA fuel economy web site started showing the new more realistic mileage numbers based on the updated 2008 procedures along with the older numbers. They have also added extra mileage ratings for flex fuel vehicles that show what drivers can expect if they actually filled their tanks with E85.