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According to Envision Solar president Desmond Wheatley, "every electric vehicle is the equivalent of one or two single-family residences in terms of impact on the electric grid." Looking to reduce that impact, General Motors has partnered with Envision Solar to provide solar charging stations for the Chevrolet Volt at GM dealers. The stations serve a dual purpose: to provide shade and a charge. The shade it provides actually assists the charging function. Wheatley says that electric vehicles, wh

Dell has just completed construction of a Solar Grove from Envision Solar that not only produces carbon-free energy for their corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas but can also provide power to parked plug-in vehicles. Connected to the eleven "trees" are two CleanCharge stations which utilize Coulomb Technologies ChargePoints to provide at least part of the answer to that frequent postulation, "Aren't electric cars just really burning coal?"

As part of a program to provide the University of California at San Diego with renewable energy from several sources including sun, wind and bio-gas fuel cells, the school has "planted" a virtual grove of Solar Trees™ on the upper levels of a pair of parking garages. The "trees" provide energy for the school as well as shade for student vehicles. The grid-tied electrical infrastructure needed for the project also allows outlets for the spaces so when plug-in hybrids and electric cars begin

Not wanting to let a sprawling parking lot go to waste, Google will build car ports topped with solar panels at its headquarters. The entire project involves some 9,000 solar panels, a third of which will be used in overhanging parking shades. The others go on rooftops at the million-square-foot campus. The 1.6-megawatt solar system could power 1,000 homes but covers only 30 percent of Google's electron appetite. Officials say that by building the parking-lot panels the company makes a visible s