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Earth Day honoree: Bill Ford, from crazy environmentalist to industry innovator

Let's sit down for a moment and think back to 1988. Have a clear picture yet? Neither did we, at first, so here's a refresher. Back then, environmentalists were likened to extremists. Their viewpoints were thought to be so far-fetched and disconnected from popular views that they were outsiders, even weirdos. In some ways, Bill Ford fit into that group of crazy environmentalists. Not a major problem, unless you're hired as the director of Ford Motor

Can car guys be environmentalists?

Nobody likes to be labeled, unless they truly embody everything that a specific group stands for. For instance, many people who try and live their lives in an eco-friendly manner would not label themselves as "tree huggers", but for some, the label fits perfectly and they have no problem with it at all. Car guys, though, generally readily admit to their fascination with all things automotive. Perhaps it's because being a "car guy" doesn't often carry along a

Environmentalist group claims that SUVs are really bad

Yes, we know that Ecologistas en Acción (EeA), a Spanish environmentalist group hasn't discovered the wheel, but has decided to publish a long report (40 pages in pdf format, in Spanish) in which they relate how bad wheels (in certain cases) are for the environment. The truth is that Europeans are buying more and more SUVs, and Spaniards are some of the biggest Xavier Navarro

Eco-thugs trash D.C. resident's HUMMER

Gareth Groves had his newly-acquired 2005 HUMMER H2 SUT on the road for just five days, and now it's out of commission. Groves lives in what a neighbor described to The Washington Post as "liberal leaning" community. That same person felt compelled to add that "It's ridiculous to be driving a HUMMER." Apparently, she's not the only one who felt that way.

Has the environmental movement been fueled by guilt as suggested by Schwarzenegger?

According to California governor Schwarzenegger, "California as you know is big, California is powerful and what we do in California has an unbelievable impact, We are sending the world a message, what we are saying is we're going to change the dynamic on greenhouse gases and carbon emissions." This and the following quotes were taken from a speech the governor gave at Georgeto

International Day of Action Against Climate Change

Environmentalists are calling a protest against the "Group of Eight" (G8) summit at St. Petersburg, Russia, this year on July 15th. The protest, called an 'International Day of Action Against Climate Change', is a call of action against continued funding - amounting to trillions of dollars - by the G8 for greater investment in coal, gas, oil resources as well as nuclear energy. The G8 is composed of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S. which effectively dominate 6

"Make Your Own Tahoe Commercial" debacle makes it onto Nightline

We’ve already reported on the fact that General Motors' “Make Your Own Tahoe Commercial” experiment has turned the General’s lumbering SUV into a slow-moving target for every environmentalist with a keyboard and high-speed internet connection. The news ran around the internet like wildfire with some of the best John Neff