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ETA says plug-in cars could "speed climate change" unless we get off coal

Think that plugging in your vehicle will protect the earth? Sure, this was the message that EPRI and the NRDC sent following a 2008 study that found that, if 60 percent of the U.S. fleet of light vehicles converted to plug-ins by 2050, CO2 emissions would drop by 450 million metric tons annually (the same as taking 82 million cars off the road) while electricity consumption would increase only

It's Friday: Green driving techniques help you live the spirit of Valentine's day

St. Valentine's day is tomorrow and, if you are planning to do something special, think about applying your green driving techniques to the quest for love. Before you reach for things to throw at my head, let me make clear that these, um, tips come from the British Environmental Transport Association (ETA). The ETA's advice to both motorists and those in search of love can be summarized in three points:

Environmental Transport Association leads agenda for Green Transport Week

Across the pond, the ETA, established in 1990, is running its fifteenth annual Green Transport Week, June 16-24 (seems like more than a week, doesn't it?). The purpose of GTW is to raise awareness of the impact of transportation on the environment as well as transportation alternatives, "Make people stop and think before they go somewhere," and "Send a message to the government on green transport and environmental issues." The ETA is accomplishing t

Honda Civic Hybrid named U.K.'s greenest car again

The United Kingdom's Environmental Transport Association (ETA) annual awards have named the Honda Civic Hybrid Britain's greenest car for the second straight year. Finishing ahead of the Vauxhall Corsa 13.CTDi and Toyota Yaris 1.4 Diesel, the Civic won out for its superior combination of engine size, fuel consumption, noise pollution and safety impact on pedestrians.