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Enterprise-Rent-a-Car claims that it's the first rental agency in the U.S. to offer the Chevrolet Volt and that is has already introduced electric vehicles in Southern California, Texas, Tennessee, Hawaii, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. Just last month, Enterprise launched a 12-month electric vehicle pilot project, involving eight Peugeot iOns, in London. Furthermore, Enterprise says that even more electric vehicles – including Chevy Volts, Mitsubishi i-MiEVs, Peugeot iOns

A good number of people may think they are getting a great deal on their cell phone service until they look at how many of the 1,400 or 2,000 (or more) minutes a month from their plan they actually use. If you only use 50 minutes of a 1,400 minute plan it can work out to a steep $1.60 per minute, depending on the particular plan's cost. The moral: Whenever you buy in bulk, take care not to over-buy.