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Panoz's Green4U announces pair of all-electric, 6-door SUVs

Designed for fleets, they offer 230 miles of range.

There's an eight-door version coming.

Enova Systems gets de-listing letter from NYSE

Looks like Enova Systems' single-charge range is about to run out.

Chelan School District happy with hybrid bus

Remember back when we told you about the hybrid buses that IC Corp and Enova Systems were making together for a handful of schools? With today's high cost of diesel and the worries about

Cobasys NiMHax Battery Systems to Power Verizon Hybrid Service Vans

Phone companies may not like to actually provide service to their customers but that doesn't mean they don't have a lot of service vehicles running around. Verizon apparently has the second largest vehicle fleet in North America and in order to save enough money on fuel to hook up three more houses to their FIOS network they are retrofitting some of the vehicles w

Enova chooses Cobasys' NiMHax batteries for service vans

Cobasys announced today they would provide powerful its NiMHax battery systems to Enova for use in hybrid service vans Enova is preparing for a "major North American fleet operator". The batteries systems are the liquid-cooled NiMHax 336-70s, and Cobasys will also provide Enova with installation and technical support. The liquid cooling is just one of multiple safety features in the batteries. Enova's hybrid drive systems come