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PSA: Reigning monarchs cannot be found guilty of motoring infractions in UK

As much as it runs against our colonial grain to say this, there are some perks to being a monarch. Aside from having an entire kingdom crammed full of palaces and an army of staff just waiting to cater to your every whim, you're evidently also free from prosecution under your country's courts. At least in the United Kingdom. As it turns out, Zach Bowman

Irony Police: U.K. authorities reportedly resorting to 'theft' to discourage stealing

England is a very strange place. Not only do they like having a royal family, but they talk like this: "Oi. Buncha southy Londoners are suddenly stroppy over the constable's wonky plan to nick exposed swag from their unlocked cars. Kind of a bollocks plan, innit?" Naturally the coppers are chuffed about the whole thing, claiming they're just teaching gadges that couldn't be arsed to lock their cars a lesson.

London Mayor to Porsche: butt out of England's elections, make cleaner cars

The war of words between the Mayor of London and Porsche is heating up. Thanks to Mayor Ken Livingstone (the guy in the black Prius), London's congestion charge will be increased, a move that sparked the threat of a lawsuit and even the Lascelles Linton

Brits are fatter, now their crash test dummies should be too

We Americans seem to be getting fatter every year, and it appears we're not alone. Over in the UK, sedentary jobs, less walking, and bigger meal-sizes have given the Brits a more portly perspective, and as a matter of safety, their crash test dummies may follow suit. In the 1950's, the average UK male tipped the scales at about 170 lbs., and the average has only nudged up by a few pounds, but since 2

Operating costs more important to British drivers than emissions

It should come as a surprise to no one that most British drivers place a higher priority on the cost of operating a vehicle than they do on CO2 emissions. When fuel costs the equivalent of US$6-7 a gallon, fuel economy is generally your top concern which is why higher mileage cars have always been more popular in Europe than in the US, even before concerns about CO2 emissions.

Hummer finally launches in Britain just as pollution tax jumps

This week Hummer launched their first British dealership in Manchester, England and introduced the first right hand drive variant at the same time. The right hand drive is available on the "small" H3 Hummer. Unfortunately for Hummer, a new budget is coming out in England this week and it includes a measure that will hit the H3 and other SUVs hard.

Rover collapse cost UK nearly 1 billion

The collapse of MG Rover was an expensive affair for the British government and its people. A report published by the country's Public Accounts Committee says that the decline of MG Rover between 2000 and 2004 cost tax payers around £270 million. A £500 million pension deficit will also likely be met by the country's Pension Protection Fund, and the defunct company still owes £109 million to creditors, which they likely won't be getting.

MG TF Coupe will be built in Ooooooklahoma

It's where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain. It's where the corn is as high as an elephant's eye. And now it's where the first Chinese owned auto factory will be opened in the United States. Ooooooklahoma!

London questions hybrid's environmental friendliness

U.K. Channel 4 reports that Ken Livingston, the mayor of London, England, is questioning the exemption status of the Lexus RX400h SUV. Owners of the hybrid do not pay the normal eight pound ($14 USD) daily "congestion charge" levied on London drivers by the city.