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Last week, Volkswagen of America announced it would build it's first US factory since it's Pennsylvania factory closed in 1984 in Chattanooga Tennessee. The new plant will build a new mid-sized replacement for the Passat. What CEO Stefan Jacoby didn't announce was where powertrains will come from. The new car will be available with gasoline, diesel and hybrid power-plants. The power-train is one of the most expensive components in the vehicle so getting the most out of building cars in the dolla

Earlier this week Hyundai announced it would be adding an engine plant to its sole U.S. production facility in Montgomery, Alabama. We didn't know at the time exactly what engine the new facility would produce, but in the back of our minds assumed it would be a V6 since the Montgomery plant builds the Sonata and Sante Fe, the latter of which is only available with a six-cylinder.