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Automatic timing advance units are a component commonly found on many vehicles equipped with carburetors, as well as vehicles equipped with diesel engines.

Are you familiar with the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system in your car? If not, this is something all modern cars have.

In order to help reduce the amount of engine emissions cars have what is called an EGR system, which is an exhaust gas recirculation system.

The automatic timing advance unit is a component in vehicles with diesel engines.

Many modern engines are equipped with EGR systems to help lower vehicle emissions.

A car knock sensor is located on the intake manifold, cylinder, or engine block.

You enjoy listening to the purr of the engine as you cruise along the highway.

Engine downsizing is considered an effective method to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The basic concept is simple: replace a larger engine with something that displaces less and, typically, packs a turbocharger to make up for any lost power. One impediment to engine downsizing is low-speed preignition (LSPI). Preignition occurs when the combustion chambers ignites prior to the spark event. This causes advanced combustion timing which can lead to heavy engine knock and catastrophic

A group of MIT professors have invented a new type of ethanol-boosted, turbocharged, gasoline engine that promises to be almost as efficient as a gas-electric hybrid, but at a much lower cost. The main idea behind the concept is to reduce fuel consumption by reducing engine size, adding turbo charging, and increasing the engine compression ratio. I’m sure many of you are thinking this doesn’t sound like anything you haven’t heard before, and I would have to agree with you so fa