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Honda factories get EPA Energy Star Awards

While a study came out a couple of years ago that compared the environmental impact of the Hummer H2 and the Toyota Prius has been repeatedly debunked, it did raise an important issue while it twisted and manipulated facts: it takes energy to produce and sell a new vehicle. A lot of energy. Over the

Energy Star Awards given to two ethanol plants

One of the anti-ethanol arguments running around is that it takes as much energy to produce ethanol as it does gasoline. Thanks to Macon Municipal Utilities and Adkins Energy LLC, another step towards proving that wrong has been made.

Three Toyota plants get EPA energy star award

Three Toyota assembly plants have received Energy Star awards from the Environmental Protection Agency. The Toyota assembly plants in Georgetown, Kentucky and Princeton, Indiana and the New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI) plant in Fremont, California all received the awards. The NUMMI plant is a long-time joint-venture with General Motors that c

Nissan Assembly Plants Get EPA Energy Star Award

Nissan North America's factories in Smyrna, TN (pictured above) and Canton, MS recently received an Energy Star Award from the Environmental Protection Agency, becoming only the third car-maker to get the award. One of Nissan's aims was to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions by using water borne paints in both the primer and color/clear coat paint operations in Canton and one of the two paint shops in Smyrna. They have also moved to doing batch painting operations where a series of