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DOE might go looking for "unconventional fossil energy"

This is a post for all the faithful readers of ABG who work the comment section of each post like a rented mule. We suggest you head over to the Department of Energy's website and let them know what you think. After all, they're asking for it.

Taking an in-depth look at the Obama energy proposals including a VC fund

Now that Sen. Barack Obama has been officially anointed as the Democratic Party's choice to head the ticket in November, it's perhaps time to take a closer look at some of his policies as they relate to the subject matter of this blog. Over at Green Fuels Forecast, they have a pretty thorough run-down on what Obama is promising and some of how he proposes to pay for it. Contrary to the sound-bites you here on the typical mainstream media news report, both candidates actually have relatively deta

How Good Are You . . . at Squandering?

Squandering is roughly defined as . . extravagantly or wastefully using resources (money, time, etc.)