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Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has proposed a new ten-year $150 billion energy plan today in Michigan. A large part of the plan centers around transportation -- both the use of petroleum and the types of cars we are to drive in the future. For automakers, $4 billion in loans and loan guarantees would be made available for PHEV development, with one-million of the vehicles to be ready for sale by 2015. For consumers, a $7,000 tax credit would be offered for their purchase of said ve

Barack Obama says that now that Hillary Clinton has changed from an anti-ethanol position to one supporting ethanol in her new energy plan, she might switch back under pressure. Here's what he said:

Hillary Clinton's energy plan is expected today or tomorrow according to Grist. Hillary is widely seen as the Democratic front runner, so this energy plan will be considered by the media more than any other. What's Hillary's fuel economy standard? What does Hillary have to say about ethanol? We will keep you informed as the story develops.