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How's this for a "willing buyer"? Toyota is going to recycle nickel-metal hydride batteries from old hybrids into energy management systems and will then sell those systems to Toyota dealerships in Japan.


BMW and Boulder, CO-based energy management company Tendril will build a demonstration home designed to power BMW's ActiveE electric vehicle while minimizing the home and the car's carbon footprint, the New York Times reported.

At the Convergence 2008 conference in Detroit this week, German supplier Hella has been showing off some of its latest contributions to creeping featuritis in cars. Interestingly, much of this latest technology does not add to the feature content of cars but actually trims fuel consumption. One example of Hella's new products is adaptive cruise control. We used the ACC on the Audi Q7 extensively during the recent mileage marathon and learned that it can actually be calibrated to optimize fuel co