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You need to look at the whole picture.

Researchers at Argonne National Lab think that gas cars and battery electric vehicles will have the same energy density by 2045.


Would you be interested in an electric car that travels 300 miles on a single charge but its battery costs about 70 percent less than today's packs? It's something to look forward to in the next few years, says lithium-ion battery research company CalBattery.


Back in 1925, long before the X-Prize foundation even existed, an inventor by the name of Sakichi Toyoda reportedly offered a prize of 1 million yen for the invention of a battery that would produce more energy than gasoline. As you can probably guess, no one has claimed that prize yet. However, Toyota thinks this target may be possible in the future and thus created, in 2008, a research division to work on "revolutionary batteries." Three years later, this division has been giving technical pre

Hydrogen batteries are a combination of a hydrogen fuel cell power module and an energy module to supply and store the hydrogen. Hydrogen batteries can be fueled up with extra hydrogen at any time to increase their range and have a higher energy density than traditional batteries. Hydrogen fuel cell systems producer Protonex utilises hydrogen batteries to provide high-performance, low-cost fuel cells for portable and remote applications requiring 10 to 500 watts of power.