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It's tough to be in the auto selling business these days, as evidenced by all of the big deals that automakers are offering to move their metal before the end of the year. Ford has already announced that it would be offering an "Employee Pricing Plus" incentive, and now details of the plan have come to light. Not only can you get the price employees pay, but Ford is also offering additional cash back on many of its models. Or you can get bonus zero-percent financing for 36 months plus the employ

It's time to go out and get a good deal on a car. We hesitate to call it a good thing, since these special deals are necessary to help the struggling American automakers from going bankrupt, but the time has never been better to save money on a brand new car purchase. To wit, Ford has announced "Employee Pricing Plus" deals for all cars in the Blue Oval line, minus the 2009 F-150, which is brand new for '09. Not only can you get the Ford employee price, but there is additional cash back on many

Chrysler has announced it will be offering its own employees an additional $500 to $1,000 in rebates on select 2006 Chrysler Group models. The move is aimed at further aiding dealers in areas where Chrysler is a major employer, the most significant of which is Detroit. The company learned last year when it offered employee pricing to the public that its own workers were buying less vehicles. The additional rebates announced yesterday, however, mean that Chrysler employees could get up to $2,500

Today the Chrysler Group announced that all customers would be eligible for employee pricing on qualifying 2006 and select 2005 model year Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles as of July 1st. The Employee Pricing Plus program also offers customers zero percent financing for 36 months on most models financed through Chrysler Financial. Instead of financing, customers can also choose $3,500 cash back. But that's not all, customer's will also have the option to return a vehicle under the 30-day Return