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It's tough to be in the auto selling business these days, as evidenced by all of the big deals that automakers are offering to move their metal before the end of the year. Ford has already announced that it would be offering an "Employee Pricing Plus" incentive, and now details of the plan have come to light. Not only can you get the price employees pay, but Ford is also offering additional cash back on many of its models. Or you can get bonus zero-percent financing for 36 months plus the employ

Employee pricing, that tricky sales tactic that helped GM post better sales figures than its competitors back in August and September, are about to work their magic for the Blue Oval. According to reports, Ford is planning to launch an employee pricing promotion on November 19 and is expected to keep it active until January 5th. Throughout that period, General Motors will be running its annual year-end Red Tag Sales Event, so the two biggest domestic automakers will be battling it out for lowest