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GM letting workers hand out employee pricing

General Motors ended its Employee Discount for Everyone bonanza at the beginning of October, but it shouldn't be too hard to get a GM vehicle for the price employees pay thanks to a new initiative meant to goose the automaker's sales during this downturn. As it's done a few times in the past, GM is allowing each of its workers to bestow the gift of employee pricing to two additional

GM claims $450k lost to improper employee discounts

When the land was flowing with milk and honey, GM didn't get medieval on folks who took just a little more than their fair share. Now that GM's diet has been pared back to a few nuts and the occasional berry... well, every nut counts. So when The General performed a random audit and found that employees had allegedly been sharing their employee discounts with ineligible buyers, instead of a big "whatever," GM initiated lawsuits.

Incentives down, but expected to climb along with the temperature

In April, incentives were down 13 percent compared to one year ago, due mostly to a 29 percent drop in the money offered on the hoods of passenger cars. Compare this to the mere 2 percent drop in SUV and truck incentives (including a 17 percent increase on the behalf of Asian brands), and the effect of higher fuel prices can be observed.