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Busy freeway closed to save tiny kitten

The Civil Defense team was called in.

A stray cat on the loose in Abu Dhabi? Someone check on Nermal.

The Golden Arches: Gilded McMerc spotted in - you guessed it - Dubai

Redefining the term "enough is enough", the owner of this car is said to have had his SLR gold-chromed. The strangest part is that, according to reports, this is actually the same Mercedes SLR McLaren that was previously spied in Dubai with a silver-chrome treatment. We're not sure about the accuracy of this model considering it has a different rear spoiler, different wheels (which have also been gold

Emirates to ban old cars for the sake of the environment?

Described as a measure to improve road security and the environment, the government of the United Arab Emirates has passed a bill which will surely raise a eyebrow: Cars older than 20 years are going to be banned, and used car dealers won't be allowed to sell cars that are more than 10 years old. While this can be a somewhat effective policy to remove polluting cars from roads, it also raises questions about what people with lower income will do. With 1.85 million cars on the road, the

Update: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix announcement may come Feb1

Looks like the oil-rich sheiks of Abu Dhabi are getting more serious about the prospect of hosting a Formula One grand prix than we thought. Last week we reported that they're adding an FIA-regulation race track to the Yas Island project that will also host the Ferrari World theme park, and with big question marks rounding off the one main restriction, they could be plan

Oil-rich Abu Dhabi wants cleaner fuels

The environmental regulators in Abu Dhabi, one of the most modern cities in the world, want government-owned vehicles and taxis to run on natural gas. According to a report published in Al Dhabi and reported on gulfnews.com, the vehicles will be converted to run on CNG by 2012. All government diesel vehicles will be converted to run on Ultra Low Sulfphur Fuel with at least Euro III emission limits.