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The Vespa Elettrica should preserve both Italian chic and the planet.

Silent style.

Smartplanet has published some information about the Elettrica: Future Vehicles has already put it on sale. The Elettrica is an all-electric car which can be purchased with either a set of lead-acid batteries (at £9,950) or a lithium pack (at £12,750). This is "just a little more" expensive than the G-Wiz, which had a recent offer with prices starting at £2,999. I made a small test drive of the latter during the Barcelona Auto Show and I was unimpressed when I compared it to a

We've already covered the Italian-designed Kurrent built in Michigan by American Electric Vehicle. An English company is preparing to use the same design and build it in Britain. Future Vehicles will produce the Elettrica to take on the popular if easily "compacted" G-Wiz. Unlike the Kurrent, which uses lead gel batteries to achieve a forty mile range, the Elettrica will use lithium ion batteries to bump the range to seventy miles.

It may look like an AEV Kurrent to American eyes, but the car in the photo here is an Elettrica. It may share the look of the Kurrent, but the Elettrica is an Italian-made electric car that recently proved it has a range of at least 50 miles during a drive from London to Brighton without recharging. Indeed, it had "battery capacity to spare." Is 50 miles far? No, but it's a way to introduce this car to England.