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Behind the Scenes at Toyota's R&D Center – Click above for high-res image gallery

Apparently, the range anxiety meme isn't enough. The latest anti-electric vehicle (EV) topic to make a comeback is that EVs might give you cancer (previous post). Writing in Slate, Matthew DeBord calls back the potential threat posed by electromagnetic fields (EMF) in electric cars. The title of his post? "Do Electric Cars Cause Cancer?"

What's this? A Mr. William H. Gates, III, (that would be Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, of course) is listed as one of the inventors on a recent patent application for an "Electromagnetic engine." What's that mean? According to the filing at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the contraption somehow "converts mechanical energy of a piston to and from electrical energy during each piston cycle." There are two engine designs illustrated in the patent, and the basic premise of both is to combine

According to Chipkar's research, extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field radiation produced by a motorbike's engine will not be stopped by steel or even lead, but only by specially-developed "highly-processed" materials. Without such shielding a whole array of unmentionable nether-regional organs are susceptible to cancer and other health hazards. Chipkar intends to license his patents in order to get them on the market as soon as possible, at which point we're sure every Hell's Angel and