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A team of intrepid software engineers are out drive a full 8,000 miles from Italy to China in an autonomous electric van, all while going no faster than 37 mph. Talk about a road trip.

Ford Transit Connect Electric – Click above for high-res image gallery

Looks like America will have three more electric vehicle choices a whole lot sooner than expected. As soon as this June, Envision Motor Company (EMC) plans to start selling an all-electric seven-passenger wagon, a utility van and a small pickup truck at a number of dealerships across the country. What's more, all three vehicles will all be available for under $30,000 after the $7,500 tax credit. Based on the Dacia Logan, the EMC-branded trio will make their American debut on a test-drive tour th

The Canadian post office is looking at the possibility of deploying electric trucks and vans for its delivery services. Electric vehicles are generally well suited to such duties because the routes are clearly defined and can be modified to meet the range limitations of the batteries. With 7,000 vehicles driving 47 million miles annually, the Canada Post has the potential to cut a lot of fuel use and emissions. In Canada, most power is produced from hydro-electric or nuclear sources, further cut

Electrorides, the company behind the ZeroTruck, will expand its line of all-electric vehicles with a new walk-in van, a converted Freightliner Custom Chassis Company MT45.

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When Ford submitted its business plan to Congress, a new electric van was mentioned that is scheduled to debut in 2010 for commercial fleet use. We expect to hear more about the automaker's EV plans in very short order, but in the meantime, CEO Alan Mulally is now indicating that it will be a version of the Transit line that is currently available in Europe and is scheduled to hit American shores in the summer of '09. This news, while interesting, should come as anything but a shocker, consideri

FedEx Express will start using ten Modec all-electric trucks in its UK fleet. If your packages happen to be delivered by these zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles, you won't mistake the truck (above) for an older, dirtier van. Just look at that sloped windshield. This model, which FedEx will use the ten vans in and around London, can go up to 70 miles per charge. UKMail also uses Modec vans in London. In the US, most of FedEx's cleaner vehicle efforts are based on hybrid technology.

In just a few short days, Ford and its two cross-town rivals will be required to lay down a plan before Congress that points a clear path towards profitability and global competitiveness. These days, any automaker's future will involve plenty of greenery, and as the first of the three automakers to submit its comprehensive business plan to the lawmakers in DC, Ford's plan includes electric vehicles slated for launch starting in 2010. First up will be a new electric van for commercial use, follow

Mitsubishi is planning on selling its all-electric i MiEV city car in Japan next summer, with countries like England and New Zealand in line to get them shortly thereafter (There ought to be a few in California as we speak). These territories not only have small cars on their streets but small vans as well and so with an eye to getting the jump on the emmission-free small-commercial-vehicle market, the company has announced an i MiEV van variant. Probably simpler to put together than their i MiE

A market exists for small vehicles that are easily transported and have zero emissions, making them suitable for indoor use and for use in heavily congested areas. Malls, large business complexes and even large family dwellings could use a vehicle like this. Kronosport is helping to fill that niche market with their fully electric Taxi, Van and Truk models. The vehicles are primarily electric, but can also be powered by pedaling. That's right, get some exercise and benefit yourself while you eas

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