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A couple weeks ago, Remy International chief executive officer John Weber offered up his one-sided opinion regarding the shift towards in-house production of vital hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) components. As a discouraged Weber previously remarked:

While plenty of people express interest in having plug-in electric vehicles, the reality is that the market segment where batteries are likely to have their first big impact is in commercial vehicles. Vans like the Ford Transit Connect and Mercedes-Benz Vito are often used by businesses and typically have a relatively small operating radius and limited hours. That makes them well-suited to being plugged in at a central depot at the end of a work day.

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The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) grew a little bit larger this week with the inclusion of Miles Automotive Group, Segway, Inc., and the ZENN Motor Company. All of these companies – and the EDTA itself – should be familiar to AutoblogGreen readers and apparently Miles, ZENN and Segway decided it made sense to pay a few thousand dollars to join the EDTA. You can see a full list of EDTA members here.