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Ener1 to put batteries in Hyundai buses, Toro lawnmowers

Ener1 has just added two new entries to its growing customer roster, and the products couldn't be much more different. Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has need of the company's EnerDel battery packs to power new buses while Domenick Yoney

Montreal's 1,300-plus bus fleet going all electric by 2025

The city of Montreal is serious about going electric and, as proof, it will convert its entire fleet of buses over to the electric variety by 2025. If successful, Montreal should become the first North American city able to lay claim to an all-electric bus fleet. 2025 is quite a long ways away, so the city has a few plans in place to green its fleet immediately, before moving over to the battery-

Team behind Eliica EV to build electric shuttle bus for Japan

Eliica concept electric car - Click above for high-res image gallery

UK funds Low-Carbon Buses with £30 million

The British Department of Transport has announced a new £30 million fund to help bus operators purchase low-carbon vehicles, like the new GM-Allison Two-mode hybrid system (pictured). A Low Carbon Emission Bus (LCEB) is defined as one that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent compared to a current Euro 3 diesel bus of the same total passenger capacity. These buses should also deliver at lea

Proterra electric bus gets over 20 MPGe in tests

The Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at Penn State just had the chance to put the Proterra electric bus through some fuel economy tests in Altoona, PA and it was there that the Altairnano-powered people mover generated some head-turning miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) numbers. After going through three different duty cycles, the worst result returned was 17.55 MPGe, while the best

Adura Systems announces new electric bus powertrain, claims 100-mile range

Getting better efficiency out of a bus than a Smart fortwo is no easy task. However that's what the latest startup to emerge out of Silicon Valley is claiming. Adura Systems has announced that its new MESA powertrain architecture using lots of claims and buzzwords but little in the way of actual details. The heart of the system appears to be modularity, although it's not really apparent what the innovation is here. All such systems contain some degree o

Optare demonstrates electric bus at UK test track

click above for a high res gallery of the Optare Solo EV

New Chinese electric bus boasts 186-mile range

While we have a pretty impressive electric bus here in America, an announcement that a Chinese joint venture will begin building buses with a 300 km (186 miles) range certainly got our attention. The FAW Bus and Coach Company has teamed up with battery maker Tongkun New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd and plan to have their people-carriers on the roads around two different cities in

UN agency donates electric buses to the Beijing Olympics

To help China with its goal of hosting a "green olympics" the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has donated four lithium ion battery-powered buses for the effort. That brings the total number of electric buses in the Olympic fleet to 50. They are said to be able to carry 80 people at a time at speeds of up to 50 mph.and have a range of about 80 miles with the air conditioning engaged.The electric buses will use a large station during the games for parking and transfers as well as mainten

New Michigan-built hybrid bus to revive Fisher body name

The late, great "Body by Fisher" tag is about to begin showing up again, though on totally new and different vehicles than ever before. While the company had previously been a division of General Motors and created every single body for the automaker, it's now focusing on a new and radically different kind of hybrid bus. The Michigan-based company has invented a new stainless steel unibody platform which greatly reduces overall vehicle weight. When combined with a series hybrid drive system usin

Stretch Batmobile might one day be used for public transportation

Every wanted to ride in a stretch limo at 155 miles an hour? How about a stretch limo that looks like the Batmobile? If the Delft University of Technology gets the Superbus public transportation concept off the drawing board, you'll get your chance.