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Want a bicycle with an "invisible" electric motor and a top speed of 56 mph?

Now that bikes – and walking – are becoming more popular, it's time to answer this question: How fast is too fast on a bicycle? How about a bicycle that uses an electric motor hidden inside the frame? We think the answer, whatever it is, is the same not matter which bike you're on and that going 90 kilometers an hour (56 miles per hour) is a bit much for most every rider.

Engadget gets some seat time on the YikeBike folding electric two-wheeler

When we're not dreaming about super-clean cars, we enjoy getting around town on our bikes. Who doesn't? We haven't had a chance to take the YikeBike, the 21st century version of the penny-farthing, for a spin, but the lucky punks at Engadget did, and it sounds like the crew's short hands-on time was enlightening. After just a few minutes on the bike, they managed t

Study: 466 million electric two-wheelers by 2016

Brammo Enertia and TTR race bike – Click above for high-res image gallery

VIDEO: World's Smallest Electric Bicycle

World's Smallest Electric Bike – Click above to watch the video after the break

Reinventing the (bike) wheel with the Copenhagen Wheel

Notice anything strange about the bike in the picture? The bright red hub isn't exactly subtle, but it does hide some impressive tech. Called the Copenhagen Wheel, this is a device developed by the SENSEable City Lab at MIT that basically can turn a normal bike into a connected electric bicycle simply by replacing your standard rear wheel with this one. The Wheel then adds regenerative braking, batteries, general packet radio service (Sebastian Blanco

Wike Electric Sun = bike + WTF?

Wike has been making bicycle trailers since the mid-1990s but what caught our eye recently was the electric, partially enclosed four-wheeled vehicle that the company is working on. More than an electric bike and less than a car, the Wike Electric Sun is a suitable alternative for people who belive that the important part of transportation is getting to your destination with the smallest possible impact on the environment. Specific details of the Electric Sun's powertrain are not available, but i

Gruber Assist auxiliary drive turns nearly any bicycle into an ebike

Bicycles can be a great way to reduce fuel consumption. They are efficient, relatively inexpensive, easy to store and care for and are often a fun way to score a little exercise while also getting you where you need to go. Of course, it's not always practical to pedal, which is one big reason that electric bikes are gaining in popularity so quickly.

Instructable of the Day: 48-Volt electric bicycle

Click above for a gallery of the EV Board Tracker

Kymco to enter electric bike market with the SunnyBoy

Kwang Yang Motor Co, better known as Kymco, is one of the very best Taiwanese scooter and motorcycle manufacturers around. Most scooter enthusiasts place Kymco right on par with such longtime Japanese manufacturers as Honda. Plus, we often get a good chuckle from the Taiwanese manufacturer's odd choice of names, such as "Bet and Win," "Grand Dink" and "Hipster." We also love the slogan, "Better than the Best." We promise, we're not making any of those up.

Race ready electric dirtbike coming from KTM

Click above for high-res shots of the electric KTM dirtbike

Bricycle: an electric recumbent bicycle

Click above for more images of the Bricycle Concept

WSJ tests the OHM XU450 ebike

We've gazed at OHM's line of electric bikes already this year, and now we find a review by an automotive writer for The Wall Street Journal. David Patton tested the entry-level machine from the company, known as the XU4

One design for a collapsible electric bicycle train

Click above for more images of the electric bike train

DIY electric motorcycle from New York

An enterprising man in New York has managed to build an electric motorcycle which he's referring to as the Battery Box. This term comes from the design of the frame, which is just large enough to house the battery components and is built from aluminum for minimal weight. The batteries are a lithium polymer chemistry and offer 48 volts with 40 amp hours of power. Based on the voltage, we assume that the two electric motors are DC. One motor is

ErockIT serial electric bike impresses

Click above for more shots of the Erockit electric bike

High School students build enclosed electric motorcycle

Click above for more shots of the Saint Thomas EV

Ultra Motor takes you from A2B

Somewhere between a normal pedal-powered bicycle and an electric scooter lies a class of vehicle which keeps the ability to pedal and adds some assisted power via a small battery pack. This new generation of vehicle is just as useful as the good old moped, except that the electric motor is free of pollution, which is something that most certainly cannot be said of the older two-stroke 'peds and even the newest four-strokers.

India drops excise duty on electric bikes

India, the seventh largest but second most populous country in the world, has good reason to encourage electric vehicle sales, considering that its automobile market is growing very rapidly. Pollution could become a much larger problem than it already is if steps are not taken to manage it now. India's government realiz

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