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One of the vehicles on display in the Progressive Automotive X Prize booth at the Detroit Auto Show is the Very Light Car, an entry we hadn't seen before. Taking a similar attitude as the Rocky Mountain Institute about stripping away weight and complexity, the team behind the Very Light Car is doing everything possible to maximize the efficiency of the internal combustion engine hidden inside this poor man's Aptera. Yes, it's kind of ironic that an ICE vehicle is sitting on the show's "Electric

While some of the automakers that skipped the 2009 Detroit Auto Show are apparently returning for 2010, there still won't be enough to fill up the basement. As a result, the EcoXperience exhibit will be back again for a second year. The landscaped track on the lower level of Cobo Hall will provide attendees the opportunity to try out a variety of electric drive vehicles.The last show featured the likes of the Mitsubishi iMiEv, Ford Escape PHEV, and GM's fuel cell Chevy Equinox.