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When we first encountered the Milner Motors ElectriCar yesterday, we just did a quick flyby with out cameras and then headed off to other events. Later in the afternoon, we returned for a 15 minute chat with Chris Milner, the AirCar inventor's son and a partner in the company. He talked about the design of the car, the potential roadmap from this early prototype stage to a production vehicle and why this is so much like the AirCar with its wings lopped off. And yes, Milner's AirCar and the MDI A

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Some of you may recall the AirCar that was created a couple of years ago by Milner Motors. Well, to date, the Milner AirCar has yet to reach lift-off velocity and has only managed to roll around on solid ground. Now the Milner team has sliced off most of the wings and is preparing to install a plug-in hybrid power-train to create the ElectriCar. The specs for the ElectriCar list an 11kWh battery which provides energy to a pair of 15hp electric motors which turn the rear wheels. Milner claims the