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Piaggio, the scooter maker best known for making Vespa, will be the first to sell electric vehicles in Isreal, in just one month. According to Ha'aretz, the electric vehicles will be Piaggio's Porter brand, small multipurpose vans (MPV) which come in five types, including models with payload tippers. The vans have 12 or 14 horsepower engines, a top speed of 36 MPH and 155-mile range on a full charge, which takes about two hours from a normal home outlet. The van will cost 120,000 Israeli Shekels

The all-electric Modec compact delivery van, known for being the choice model for British supermarkets Tesco, has been shown to prospective buyers in Amsterdam (in a left-hand version) during the Dutch Road Transport Exhibition. Modec has just opened a new office in the Netherlands and the first Dutch customers are small companies in the metro area of Amsterdam.