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Heavy duty (really heavy duty) electric truck in use at LA port

The Port of Los Angeles is a testing ground for alternative powertrains, mostly LNG trucks and, well, LNG trucks. But battery-powered heavy duty vehicles are not being left out of picture, with the Port and the South Coast Air Quality Management District testing a very, very big electric truck. This b

ZeroTruck will be unveiled at AFVI expo in Las Vegas

Electrorides Inc., a company based in California, will debut the ZeroTruck, an all-electric medium duty truck, at the 2008 AFVI National Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in mid-May. The ZeroTruck can go 100 miles per charge using an EIG lithium polymer battery pack and a UQM brushless permanent magnet elecgtric motor. The highway-speed truck can capture energy through regenerative braking and has an

Phoenix Motorcars website gets a makeover, savings calculator

Phoenix Motorcars, the company behind the much-anticipated electric SUT with the SsangYong body and Altairnano battery has given their website a fresh look in anticipation of increased traffic. Set to finally begin building their vehicles for fleet customers and take a few retail orders

Modec truck looks great in UPS brown

Since the first moment I laid eyes on it, I've thought the Modec electric truck was a thing of beauty. A little more aerodynamic than its freight hauling frères and a whole lot more quiet. Need I mention the lack of diesel smoke? I thought not. After reading all the specs and mulling it over for about 10 seconds it occurred to me that this vehicle would look great in UPS brown. Sure enough, it does.

Tanfield to build new electric truck factory, confirms order with Enova

So, how is the EV-building business going? Just fine, if you ask any of the executives over at the Tanfield Group PLC. Expecting to surpass the £120 million mark in sales this year, the owner of the worlds oldest electric vehicle manufacturer, Smith EV, is "close to signing a deal on a new North-East factory" according to a Domenick Yoney

EVS23: Up close and personal with the Modec, the all-electric delivery truck

Well, here's at least one neat vehicle that Europeans currently have that Americans will soon be able to buy: the Modec all-electric truck. You might be familiar with the Modec from our previous posts (see below) but the short story is that this is a delivery van specifically designed for modern city parcel delivery. You can see in the photo above and in the gall

Smith EV announces electric truck factory for the US

Smith EV, which makes delivery vans and trucks in the UK and Europe, has finally announced its plans for the US: Up to 10,000 EV trucks will be built in a facility that "could be sited anywhere in North America, would require up to a 300 acre site, including a 500,000sq ft assembly facility, test track and space for rolling stock. It would create at least 500 jobs."

Alt Car Expo 2007: Meet the Boshart Tersus (AKA the mini-Phoenix SUT)

The Boshart Tersus may look like the Phoenix SUT, but it certainly doesn't quack like a Phoenix SUT. Both of these unusual electric trucks are built from the same Ssanyong body, but are totally different under the hood. Well, not completely. Boshart Engineering actually did some engineering work for Phoenix, and decided that there was room in the market for another, um, can't-miss-the-styling electric truck. The difference? This one is an NEV.