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Here in Austin, Texas, one of the big sellers of electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles is Alien Scooters. On the floor of the Austin Alt Car Expo, the shop has a large display area full of two-wheeled EVs. Oh, and inflatable aliens.

RTEV, the Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicle company, is not the first to realize that a battery-powered ATV could be a good seller (we spoke with Electric Vehicle Systems about their ATEV last year). RTEV is now ready to expand into the electric recreational vehicles market with three models - the Cruiser, the 4-wheel drive Hunter, and the Workman - and has high hopes for more EVs down the road.

Meet the E-Max 110s, a scooter which is now on sale in Western European markets. The EV scooter, which can be recharged at any home power outlet, has the same power and performance as a regular 50cc scooter. Using 13' wheels and silicone batteries, it's got a range of about 90 km (60 miles) and a maximum speed of 45 km/h (30mph), which means it can be driven without a license.

Do you need a small package or documents to be on the other side of the city, like immediately? What do you usually do? You can call your local courier company. They will likely quickly deliver your stuff using a van, a truck, or, in some cities, a motorbike or bicycle. However, if you're in Paris, there's a company that will green up your rush delivery because they only use electric scooters. The company is called Lungta, "Le coursier écolo." The company promises to deliver up to 100kg

Back in the day, the Automobile Association in the United Kingdom used two-wheelers to aid stranded motorists. Bicycles were replaced by motorcycles after World War Two.

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Senator Kerry usually likes to drive his Harley-Davidson Wide Glide when he feels the need for the wind in his bouffant and bugs in his teeth. (Someone get that Senator a helmet!) Monday though, found him on the back of a Vectrix scooter while visiting their New Bedford, Massachusetts operations where, according to a report on SouthCoastToday, he spoke of going "beyond fossil fuels" and "really exciting great possibilities" and "a Vectrix for every blogger". (Ok, I made that last one up.) He rep

Despite the fact that Vectrix has posted extremely disapointing sales numbers so far, there are certain uses for the electric scooter which just make too much sense to ignore. Ask the NYPD, for one. Or take, for instance, as a parking lot enforcement vehicle. The police in Strathclyde, U.K, have found that the Vectrix suits them perfectly as a runabout to enforce parking measures and control traffic at the Glasgow Airport. They like the fact that the machine can be recharged in an hour using a 1

Popular Mechanics has done a bit of a follow up on a little scooter from the labs of MIT we originally told you about back in the beginning of January. In a good news/bad news story with enough new detail to make it worth the read, we learn, among other things, that the the scooter is "going to make it" but that, contrary to its name, "it's not very robotic". So, although you could one day find yourself whizzing through downtown traffic on this little machine you just rented from your neighborho

Our friends over at Ecorazzi are reporting that, according to sources, Leonardo DiCaprio bought a Vectrix plug-in electric scooter. Ecorazzi loves them up some Leo, writing about when he graced the cover of Vanity Fair's green issue and later produced the very green documentary the 11th Hour (see trailer below the fold). Leo on a Vectrix is really not that surprising if you remember that Ecorazzi caught Leo on a scooter before.

The New York Police Department will road test four Vectrix electric scooters next month reports Newsday. Vectrix scooters have a range of 60 miles, a top speed of 60 MPH and, as Vectrix president Andrew MacGowen tells Newsday, his scooters are the first all-electric vehicles to be certified to travel on any highway, street or road.

Our good friend Steve from The Scooter Scoop has found himself swamped with news of electric scooters over the past few weeks, so his last few posts have all been on that subject. Of course, scooters already are savers of gas, but as many of you probably already know, they often pollute more than cars. The good news is that for the same reason that scooters save on gas (light weight, smaller engines) they also save on electricity when using electron power instead of dead dinos. So, take a look h

The Scooter and Moped Morons (their words, not mine) over at Big Ass Motors provide a Skeuter 1500I electric scooter for the camera operators to use for interior shots on the set of the NBC series Scrubs. Earlier this month, Big Ass Motors and Scrubs did a benefit raffle for a "Scrubs Scooter" that helped out the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. That contest is over, but the sensible use of the zero-emission electric scooter on the set continues. As the Big Ass Motors description of a video

You couldn't miss the bright young people working the Roth Motor Company's Motorboard 2000XR booth at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo yesterday. These kids were young, fit and ready to tell you all about the joys of motorboarding.

The Alt Car Expo here in Santa Monica starts this morning. Last night, on the Santa Monica Pier, some of the organizers and exhibitors met for a swanky get-together. I'm not one to pass up a tasty event like that, so I went. And look what I found parked outside - the updated Electrum Spyder and the new Vectrix electric scooter. We'll have more on these vehicles before the weekend is out, but I thought you'd enjoy some pics before the more serious info-gathering begins. If you only have time for

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