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Big serious trucks are not usually what comes to mind when you think of the word "hybrid" but in a world of $100+ barrels of light sweet crude, Peterbilt is putting out some products that may change that. Its medium duty Model 330 (photo above) is just like a Prius. Except it takes diesel and boasts as much torque as a herd of Prii.

Some parts of Australia desperately needs fresh water, and much of New Zealand's rain water runs off into the ocean. A company called Solar Sailor says the country should invest in a fleet of electric-hybrid "aquatankers" powered by solar wings to transport water to needy areas. The tankers would cost a fraction of dams, pipelines or desalination plants. Critics say the tankers wouldn't solve the long-term problem and that a real water-grid strategy is needed. Even if the countries don't use tan