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We told a few days ago about Dennis Berube and his record-setting 1/4 mile run in his electric dragster, the Current Eliminator V. Now thanks to the magic of YouTube you can see the 7.956 second run at almost 160mph. The dragster "fueled" by a bank of Altairnano batteries is eerily quiet as it does its burn-out and and then its solo run down the strip. Check out the videos, including one from an on-board camera, after the jump.

Just two weeks after setting an NHRA record for electric dragsters in Whittman, AZ Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube moved on to Tucson, AZ, and did it again. Berube ran 153.6 mph in the quarter mile in Whittman and then turned around and ran 159.65 mph with a 7.956 second elapsed time. His Current Eliminator V is powered by Altairnano lithium titanate batteries. Berube has been racing battery powered dragsters for 17 years. At the track, Berube does quick charges on his battery packs with a modified