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eBay Find of the Day: 1993 Elektro electric mail vehicle

Back in 1993, eBay.de member goldlady77 imported the electric car you see above from Miami to Germany. Fast forward 15 years and the car is now ready for a new home. Similar to the old CitiCar, this boxy EV was designed for mail carrier duties (hence the right hand drive) and is likely the only vehicle of its type in Germany. One ironic angle is that the owner needed to install a gas heater in the car to d

Homebrew solar electric car wins fans in Utah

Utah is a state that gets a lot of sun but not a lot of attention on these pages for their green transportation moves. Still, it does seem that the DIY crowd is strong there. Remember the homemade Ariel Atom? That's not the only homemade vehicle taking to the street in the state.

Do not drive over 88 mph: all-electric DeLorean for sale on eBay

Great Scott! An all-electric 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 is now up on eBay for the bargain price of $15,600. Well, it'd be a bargain if it could jump through time and wasn't under the reserve price. The one-off conversion was done by the seller and a friend and uses a WarP 9 electric motor that gets juice from thirteen 12 volt 100 amp-hour deep cycle Deka 9A31 Intimidator AGM batteries (

Zap sells $737,000 worth of electric vehicles in August

Zap's been having a pretty good last few weeks. There was the groundbreaking at the Kentucky plant and now we hear that August electric vehicle sales set a new record. According to a new release from Zap (pasted after the jump), the company sold $737,000 worth (unaudited) of vehicles in August, compared to $392,000 in August 2007. Back in April 2007, Zap announced a "Sebastian Blanco

How much it will cost to run your electric car

click above for more of Eberhard and his Tesla Roadster

At Witz' End: GM EV1 - The Real Story, Part III

NOTE: If you missed them, you can read parts one and two.

Zap one step closer to building electric car factory in Kentucky

There has been a lot of noise in Kentucky recently as state elected officials work to bring a large electric car factory to the area. A month ago, Democrats and Republicans were fighting over just who could hold the earlier press conference with representatives from Zap. Then, two weeks ago, the governor issued an Sebastian Blanco

Nine new EV charging stations - Elektrobays - opening in London tomorrow

People who insist that cruising the streets of London should be done in an electric vehicle like the G-Wiz (pictured) can't really complain that the city isn't supporting them them with ways to power their rides (see also here and here). The latest addition to the EV charging infra

Want to see electric MINIs in your state? Sign the petition.

Want an electric MINI? Click above to sign the petition online.

Bob Lutz: EV1 never coming back

Our friend John McElroy isn't the only person out there who thinks that General Motors should dust off the old EV1 program and re-release it for public consumption again. Apparently, a passionate electric car enthusiast copied Mr. Bob Lutz himself on a letter suggesting that the EV1 needs to be brought back with its original lead-acid batteries. Remember, though, that Lutz is extremely involved in the Volt

Continental says yes to EVs, no to diesels

While many automakers are getting a bit bullish about diesel cars in America (see Mercedes, Nissan and VW), a board member of parts supplier Continental AG told Hande

"You say an electric car will cost me? No problem."

How can we figure out how much potential electric car buyers are willing to pay for their battery-powered rides? Why not just ask them?

VIDEO: $10,000 electric car coming this year?

Driving a Ford-branded Th!nk Neighbor (NEV) around Pasadena wasn't good enough for Bill Provence. He wanted more speed, more safety and a little more protection from the elements. So, he did what any of us Domenick Yoney

If you see something, say something about electric car hucksters

Remember the WIRED article exposing the, let's say, odd things that have happened at electric car company Zap? EDN's technical editor, Paul Rako, has written an article saying that EV hucksterism needs to be everybody's business. Basically, he writes, don't buy the hype. "When unknown hucksters

Ten Mitsubishi iMiEVs will roll around July G8 Summit in Japan

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsuibshi i MiEV.

Japan Post plans a switch to electric cars, Mitsubishi stock soars

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsuibshi i MiEV

Nardelli: Chrysler open to more partnerships

Last month, a major announcement was made regarding an effort between Nissan and Chrysler to share products. Specifically, Nissan will build a small car for Chrysler and receive a large truck in return. It seems as if the Pentastar brand could use some more help when it comes to offering t

Blind advocacy group gets a theme song for louder hybrids/EVs

You're probably familiar with the recent problems with quiet and silent vehicles and people with less-than-perfect sight. The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) has been on the case for a while, but there is one angle of their advocacy I didn't know about until Harper's printed

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