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Taxpayers received $74 million in questionable EV tax credits says Treasury Dept.

Federal investigators found 16,510 tax returns that may be ineligible

Trailer-load of Teslas burns in Nevada

Cause is yet undetermined, but Tesla says its cars weren't responsible

How VW will pay for its $12.5 billion transformation

So, how do you get that much money?

So, how do you get that much money?

Ford dismisses report that it may slash 25,000 jobs

Ford will reportedly make an interim announcement later this week

Ford will reportedly make an interim announcement later this week.

Los Angeles
Nissan, Infiniti will each show a next-gen concept EV in Detroit

They'll riff on ideas first explored in the Infiniti Q Inspiration concept

They'll riff on ideas first explored in the Infiniti Q Inspiration concept.

The mood at this year’s Paris Motor Show: Quiet

Automakers turning to lifestyle, technology and other events to debut vehicles without the competition

With an expanding number of automakers, with diversification and niche-ification of models and with wholesale shifts that necessitate the introduction of EV or autonomous sub-brands, there is a growing sense that, with everyone shouting at the same time, no one can be heard.

First generation of Formula E race cars up for sale

Here's what electric performance will cost you

Here's what electric performance will cost you.

Honda partners with General Motors to co-develop batteries

It's not only about fuel cell tech for Honda.

Honda and GM are joining forces to co-develop next-generation batteries for electric vehicles.

Nissan and Infiniti to get 6 EVs within 5 years

Nissan will get four battery-electrics while Infiniti will get two.

The six EVs will make up Nissan and Infiniti's share of the 12 electric vehicles planned for Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi by 2022.

GM creates new EV VP role, appoints Chevy Bolt boss Pam Fletcher

She'll oversee the launch of more than 20 EVs by 2023.

Fletcher served as Chief Engineer for the Chevy Bolt.

Toyota, Mazda partner to build EVs at new $1.6 billion U.S. plant

The two automakers now own a stake in one another.

The two automakers now each own a stake in the other.

Daimler, BAIC agree to make electric cars in China

China is rushing to electrify its cars.

The first EV showcase opens in Oregon

It's meant to do what the manufacturers sometimes don't: Promote electric cars.

John Goodenough develops rapid-charge battery made of glass

Design is safer, holds more energy, is extracted from seawater.

Is this the solution for charging electric vehicle batteries quickly and safely?

Tesla will bring fight against dealerships to Utah this fall

Utah continues to hold out with its franchised dealership requirement.

One state representative calls the current prohibition "unconstitutional."

Question of the Day: Time remaining for internal combustion?

Our friend the internal-combustion engine may not be with us forever.

Electric cars, atomic cars, perpetual-motion cars, carts pulled by robot mules – someday, they may replace the good old internal-combustion engine.

California likely to cut electric-vehicle rebates

California's cap-and-trade revenue drop has become a budgetary issue.

California's perks for buyers of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids may soon come to an end.

Germany will offer 4,000 euro incentives for plug-in vehicles

German automakers will foot about half the bill for EV incentives.

German plan will fund as much as $4,500 in perks for those who buy electric vehicles.

Most of Norway's new vehicles were hybrids or plug-ins in March

Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, Renault Zoe all show up on the Top 10.

Hybrids, plug-ins accounted for more than 60 percent of Norway's new vehicles last month.

There's hope for exciting electric Nissans, says senior VP

A new modular platform could open up possibilities.

Nissan hasn't abandoned the idea of a sporty electric vehicle, and there's room to grow the range beyond the pioneering Leaf EV. Something fun could come within the next five years.

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