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On Thursday, Monrovia, CA-based AeroVironment (AV) announced that it struck up a deal to install 320 Level 2 public charging stations throughout the state of Hawaii. The $820,000 contract from Hawaii's Electric Vehicle Ready Program calls for AV to not only deploy an electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure statewide, but also to collect and analyze charging data to study the impact on the state's electrical grid and to provide public outreach programs to promote the adoption of plug-ins in Hawaii.

Toyota aims to launch its own line of electric vehicle chargers in 2012, according to the Japanese news outlet, Nikkei. Toyota Home, along with Toyota Industries Corporation, will jointly develop a pair of residential charging stations to be sold through the distribution channels of Toyota Home and its affiliate, Misawa Homes.

Yesterday, the Chevrolet Volt drove off with the 2011 Green Car of the Year Award at the LA Auto Show and, in some small way, rung in the start of the electric era. With the dominance of gasoline- and diesel-fueled rides ebbing bit by bit and plug-in vehicles slowly emerging, it's now time for some of us car guys to consider accessorizing for an electric future.

Last month, Eaton and Murphy Oil USA teamed up to demonstrate the convenience of electric vehicle (EV) charging at gas stations. Now, ECOtality, BP and ARCO are joining in on the action as well. Under terms of this agreement, ECOtality will install 45 fast-charging stations – you know, the ones that take 30 minutes or less to fill a typical electric vehicle from empty to about 80 percent full – at BP and ARCO locations beginning next March. Exact sites for the chargers have yet to be