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With mass-market production electric vehicles (EVs) finally hitting the market, some people are taking the time to look at what motivates buyers to consider purchasing a battery-powered auto instead of just a regular old gas burner. High price tags can deter many potential EV buyers, but is the act of selecting a plug-in vehicle a rational choice that's likely to be influenced by price or a commitment to save the environment? Well, Dan Ariely, professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at

It looks like Popular Mechanics had room for two vehicles this year on its annual "Top Products" awards list. Both the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf were named Breakthrough Products for 2010. PM praised the ride quality and technology of the Volt, stating that it's, "more than the sum of its cutting-edge parts." In addition, PM prominently touted the Volt's range-extending abilities, possibly a jab at the other winner.