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The totally awesome Toyota 2000GT SEV unveiled earlier this year was the result of what was called the "Crazy Car Project," undertaken by the Toyota Automobile Association. While no doubt some thought that converting the iconic car, of which only 353 examples were made, to run on solar power a bit insane, perhaps there was a method to their madness.

One of the last electric car hold-outs has announced they will finally be jumping on the zero-emission bandwagon. Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe let slip today in Tokyo future plans for just such a vehicle. Skimping on the details he said only that they would be mass produced and go on sale sometime in the early "2010s." Geez dude, throw a dog a bone, would you? Luckily Toyota Executive Vice-President Masatami Takimoto was able to offer more plot clues. "We consider electric vehicles as one

Say what you want about electric cars, they can go for a pretty penny on eBay. Recently, electric versions of Toyota's RAV4 have sold for $60,000-$70,000 (way up from the original list price of around $40,000, which also got ten grand or so in tax credits). There's another of these electric SUVs currently for sale on the site. The auction ends Oct. 25 and has been bid up to $11,000 already. This car has under 34,000 miles and the nickel-metal hydride batteries can be expected to last for aroun

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