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Spy Shots: Is this the all-electric Renault Twingo ZE?

Late last week, the Internet rumormill was abuzz with reports that Renault would bring a trio of electric vehicles to the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. Might one of those zero-emission automobiles be the Twingo ZE? According to Auto Express in the UK, a clay model for an all-electric Renault Twingo was spotted

Nissan hopes to show off electric cars for London's 2012 Olympic bid

Last year during the Olympic Games in Beijing, Chinese automakers (and Germany's MINI) took advantage of their brief opportunity on the world stage to show off some of their latest fuel efficient vehicles. Now that London has been awarded the Games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012,

Renault plans three electric cars for the future

Click above for more shots of the Renault Z.E. concept