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Yes, They Are Still Building An Awesome Electric Supermoto

The Internet address of BRD Motorcycles is faster-faster.com, and while the expression also serves the startup as a motto, its would-be customers repeat it like a mantra. You see, they've been waiting for the company's first production bikes to be delivered for some time now – it's been three years since its RedShift supermoto was first unveiled and the original plan was to start shipping in 2012. No doubt they'd like the outfit to speed things up, but should they worry about the company s

Matthew Dieckmann, president of Santa Rosa-based Electric Race Bikes and known by friends and neighbors as the "local electric motorcycle entrepreneur," was involved in a fatal crash in Santa Rosa, CA late Monday morning. Dieckmann was piloting an electric motorcycle near the Coddington Mall when he collided with a Toyota Prius. Though the Prius driver suffered no injuries, 29-year-old Dieckmann did not survive the crash.

Derbi GPR EV - Click above to view the video after the jump

TTX01 electric motorcycle prototype - Click above to watch the video after the break