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Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn with Leaf EV - Click above for high-res image gallery

Last year during the Olympic Games in Beijing, Chinese automakers (and Germany's MINI) took advantage of their brief opportunity on the world stage to show off some of their latest fuel efficient vehicles. Now that London has been awarded the Games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012, European automakers are probably considering how to put their best feet tires forward when the whole world starts watching. At least one automaker, the Renault/Nissan conglomerate, has already been in talks with Boris John

Carlos Ghosn has some harsh-sounding words for alternative vehicles which still use some form of oil for their operation -- think current hybrids and future extended-range electric vehicles. "I want a pure electric car. I don't want a range extender. I don't want another hybrid. It's not going to be zero emissions in certain conditions. It's going to be zero emissions." Sounds like Ghosn is taking a little shot at today's hybrids like the Toyota Prius and even Nissan's own Altima, which uses tec