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At least in the U.S., where sales are currently off 10 percent.

Mini sales in the U.S. are off 10 percent as consumers flock to crossovers.


The concept foreshadows the 2019-on electric Mini

The production version will be built in Oxford.


Mini EV will be produced in the UK from 2019, despite Brexit.

The electric version will be produced in the UK despite Brexit.

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Click above for a high-res gallery of the MINI E

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We won't have any official details on what will be powering the electric MINIs that we know will be prowling the streets next year until the vehicle is unveiled at the LA Auto Show later this year. That doesn't mean that we can't all speculate until then, right? We've seen spy shots of test vehicles (minus tail-pipes) on the road and we've seen some engine-less MINI carcasses coming out of the Oxford plant in England. While we can't pinpoint what type of battery or electric motor(s?) the car wil

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Although there may be a very small number of BMW's Mini on American roads that have already been converted by individuals or aftermarket folks to run on electricity, now the factory is going to get in the game itself. Five-hundred Minis will come off the line in Oxford, England sans drivetrain. The powerless shells will be sent to Germany painted silver with contrasting yellow roofs... what, no green motif? Workers in Munich will convert the vehicles into battery electrics, and the cars will the

BMW's MINI brand already produces some of the most efficient vehicles for sale in the US, and sources say the pint-sized cars will soon go emissions free, at least in California. BMW is planning to lease 490 Minis in California, with an additional 10 vehicles planned for show car duty. The emissions-free MINIs will be silver with a yellow roof, which should stand out nicely in the land of fruits and nuts.