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Zerosports is filing for voluntary bankruptcy after its 3.5 billion yen ($42.5 million U.S. at today's rates) contract to build 1,030 electric delivery vehicles for Japan Post was canceled. The electric vehicle (EV) builder claims it had agreed to make changes to the original specs of the delivery truck and, as a result, was late delivering the initial 30 units in January. Japan Post used the delay as a reason to cancel the agreement, leaving Zerosports holding the development-cost mailbag, so t

The Canadian post office is looking at the possibility of deploying electric trucks and vans for its delivery services. Electric vehicles are generally well suited to such duties because the routes are clearly defined and can be modified to meet the range limitations of the batteries. With 7,000 vehicles driving 47 million miles annually, the Canada Post has the potential to cut a lot of fuel use and emissions. In Canada, most power is produced from hydro-electric or nuclear sources, further cut

Like Newteon, PSA Peugeot Citroen is eyeing the EV contract for La Poste. PSA is teaming up with Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles to produce battery-powered vans based on the Citroën Berlingo First and Peugeot Partner Origin for the French Post office. The partnership will produce a small batch of vans for a six month test program. Venturi has been developing high dollar electric sports cars and less expensive oddball buggies. For this project, Venturi will contribute a new compact electric