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After spending a product cycle honing its image, Infiniti doesn't want to to compromise it's standing in the luxury automobile set -- not even for its electric vehicles. That is why the "compact, high-performance, four-seat luxury Infiniti with zero emissions" that Carlos Ghosn announced at the Tokyo Auto Show will not alter what people have come to expect from Nissan's upmarket brand. If a VP in Infiniti's Business Unit, Ben Poore, is to be believed, it will enhance it.

According to British auto mag Auto Express, Infiniti is in the midst of designing a new small car that would potentially go up against the BMW 1 Series, Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Soon, we'll likely be adding a small hybrid hatchback to that mix from Lexus in the vein of the LF-Ch concept shown last month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.