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If you've been itching for an electric motocross bike with performance to crush competitors, we've got an interesting package for you to check out. EVDrive, the folks responsible for the range-extended drivetrain in the Gitano from Michel Motorsports, have plans to produce what they are calling the e-Moto-CRF250R. This will be a much-improved 2nd-generation of the motocross machine (pictured above) that we checked out a while back.

Honda EV-Cub concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Last month in his end-of-year speech, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui vowed that the Japanese company would release an electric motorcycle in 2010. It's been a few weeks and the import of that announcement has begun to sink in. Honda is the world's largest cycle manufacturer, so an EV wearing the red badge is sure to inspire competition from the other established players. What's more, as one of the world's top automakers and the one that's arguably most concerned with its environmental standing, the elect

It's been a rough couple of weeks at Honda. After pulling out of Formula 1 racing and AMA motorcycle roadracing, the Japanese firm that built its reputation on the race track could stand to use a bit of good news. And, thanks to CEO Takeo Fukui, we can report on just that. Within two years, Honda plans to have a completely electric motorcycle on the market. Sounds great to us.

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