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Zerosports is filing for voluntary bankruptcy after its 3.5 billion yen ($42.5 million U.S. at today's rates) contract to build 1,030 electric delivery vehicles for Japan Post was canceled. The electric vehicle (EV) builder claims it had agreed to make changes to the original specs of the delivery truck and, as a result, was late delivering the initial 30 units in January. Japan Post used the delay as a reason to cancel the agreement, leaving Zerosports holding the development-cost mailbag, so t

Less than a year ago, Navistar International was awarded $39 million in grants from the federal government. The money has gone a long way to help kick-off commercial production of the eStar, the company's first fully-electric cargo van. Navistar plans to build 4,000 eStar two-ton cargo vans by the end of the year with hopes of increasing future capacity to around 5,000 units annually. Navistar has not released the number of buyers committed to the $150,000 eStar, but did suggest that initial inq

It seems those Urban-Cabs we told you about last year aren't just handy for hauling tourists about "La Ville-Lumière." Apparently, once they are adorned with the famous FedEx logo, they transform into highly productive delivery machines. The global logistics giant has been testing two of the human-electric hybrids and, during the 11 week trial, they delivered over 2,400 documents and small parcels. With an average of 15 stops an hour, the vehicles, which employ a 250 watt motor to keep th