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Citroen reveals its E-Mehari, a funky cabriolet that will begin production early 2016 and add extra electric quirk to the French automaker's lineup.

The Peugeot lion won't be the only badge burnishing the snouts of re-branded Mitsubishi i MiEVs buzzing around the streets of European cities a little more than a year from now. It's been decided that the twin chrome chevrons of Citroën are as worthy as its sister emblem to adorn a Francified variant of the Japanese automaker's global version of the i MiEV. In Paris, over what we imagine was green tea and croissants, Osamu Masuko of MiMoCo and his CEO equivalent at PSA Peugeot Citroën,

We've known since June that PSA has an agreement with Mitsubishi to work together on electric cars. What's new is a report in the Nikkei (subs req'd) about Mitsubishi supplying the all-electric MiEV to PSA an OEM agreement to be sold under the PSA brands Peugeot and Citroën. This is an agreement that benefits both partners, since Mitsubishi isn't that much of a powerful brand in Continental Europe and PSA will now have a readily-developed electric vehicle to have at showrooms. PSA could sel