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One of the biggest issues with rolling out large numbers of plug-in vehicles is figuring out where exactly to connect them to the grid. Cities around the world are looking at how to implement large numbers of public charging stations as well as support charging at home. Much of the territory in Canada lies in far northern areas where temperatures get extremely cold during the winter. In many of those areas it's not at all unusual to find posts sticking up out of parking areas with electrical out

We'd imagine that the UK Petrol Retailers Association would have a vested interest in making the business model of the tried-and-true gas station survive. So, we aren't all that surprised to read about the group's suggestion that future gas stations should carry solar roofs that feed power into electricity dispensers, especially now that the Prime Minister has pledged large sums of money for EV development. The alternative, of course, would be to charge your electric car's battery right at home