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Converting a liquid-fueled vehicle to electric drive is nothing new, but, if you've never done it before, then everything can be fresh and totally overwhelming. For those of you interested in trying a conversion project, the fine folks at Electric Cars Are For Girls are here to help. The site is getting ready to put EV conversion classes online using the same materials and demonstrations that they use in local classes. The project is called EV University, and they are currently running a survey

Our favorite site dedicated to electric cars and aimed at women drivers (it might also be the only one), Electric Cars Are For Girls, recently took a look at the different types of lead acid batteries available to drivers today. A reader wrote in asking about converting a car to electric power and was interested in using standard lead acid starter batteries instead of the "traction" or deep-cycle batteries that most people use in converted EVs. After all, the starter batteries look the same, see

Back in December when I interviewed Jory Squib, who created the incredibly small Moonbeam, he discussed his idea of safety in the small car as the mosquito theory. Mosquitoes are not very well armored (compared to, say, a big old beetle), but they evade swatting hands (sometimes) by being agile. Jory said he felt the same way in his Moonbeam, but admitted there are limits to what he can do – a front-end collision would do him in, he said. This is vastly different from the big car, batterin

I discovered Electric Cars Are For Girls when I was working on my electric cars for women article a few weeks ago. I've been keeping an eye on it since then, and I think this page of Lynne Mason's site is worth reading whether you're a girl or not.