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Nissan expands NV200 electric van tests in Singapore

Nissan is conducting field tests with FedEx in Singapore for its all-electric NV200 commercial van. The road test for what Nissan now calls the "e-NV200" is part of a comprehensive field test program that was started up by Nissan and FedEx at the Hannover Motor Show in Germany last September.

Mitsubishi to launch commercial electric van in Japan by end of 2011

Mitsubishi Motors announced its intentions to launch a compact, battery-electric delivery van in Japan by the end of 2011. The automaker plans on selling 10,000 of the commercial-use vans as quickly as possible and targets a sub-two million yen ($24,450 U.S. at the current exchange rate) price after government subsidies are factored in. Mitsubishi president Osamu Masuko said the company's intentions are to produce an electric van after hand

Study: Light commercial electric vehicle market ready to heat up, especially in Europe

Ford Transit Connect Electric – Click above for high-res image gallery

Navistar begins commercial production of eStar electric cargo van, first four going to FedEx

Less than a year ago, Navistar International was awarded $39 million in grants from the federal government. The money has gone a long way to help kick-off commercial production of the eStar, the company's first fully-electric cargo van. Navistar plans to build 4,000 eStar two-ton cargo vans by the end of the year with hopes of increasing futur

Boulder Electric Vehicle makes trucks with Killacyclers [w/VIDEO]

Boulder Electric Vehicle's truck – click above to watch the videos after the jump